Saturday, 26 June 2010

E-mail from Grandma

Just picked up this e-mail from my amazing Grandma, very big dilemma on her hands...

Darlingest Lol,

Help, I have a dilemma.
For some reason this morning your Grandfather has decided to go around with his shirt outside of his trousers. At first I just thought he had not got dressed properly, and so I laughed heartily, then I realised he had done it purposely and was trying a new look, which quite frankly I do not think is very flattering. He thought he looked like the rapper Dizzie Rascal - I thought he looked like Winnie The Pooh. So the dilemma is , do I tell him, or do I just let him go around thinking he looks all cool and young. Hopefully no one will come round, and I will have to try and make excuses to stay in until this phase passes, but suppose it doesn't and he spends the rest of the time going around like this!! WHAT SHALL I DO, just smile and
explain to everyone that he has lost his belt - or just smile and say Yes he is 23, or just smile - or just run away. Is the spare bed still made up in your back bedroom?

He is determined to stay that way at the moment, and he is sporting beige light summer trousers, with a dark check shirt hanging over the top of them - I AM SO EMBARRASSED! Also the colour combination is terrible.

Well am off now, have to try and stop him going into the garden in case any of the neighbours are looking out the windows.

All my love,
Your Grandmother

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