Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Smashed Skylight

At 8 o'clock this morning I was woken up by a very loud smash, only to find my skylight shattered to pieces and glass all over my bedroom floor. It must have expanded slightly as the temperature was getting warmer after the freezing temperatures last night, but had nowhere to go so just cracked. It looked quite beautiful with the drops of condensation on the outside layer and the pieces of glass left in the frame were so delicate they only just held themselves together like a jigsaw puzzle. The light coming from my skylight is always so photogenic because the window is placed in just the right spot to let the maximum amount of light shine through, just adding to its natural beauty.


  1. That crack created an awesome design on your skylight! But still, it’s glass, and a crack is a crack. You should have it replaced as soon as possible or else it might just shatter and cause injury, or worse, it can, and will if left unattended, expose the your home to the elements, causing even more damage, and making it uncomfortable to be inside.

    -Lino Kosters

  2. Those cracks are dangerous! Though, I must agree with Lino, that it looks like a design. Still, if not replaced, someone might get injured when the glass starts to fall. I hope you have your skylight repaired by now.

    -Joann Winton

  3. I totally agree with the two comments here. The resulting design is quite captivating and spectacular, especially with the drops of water that condensed on the glass. But yeah, it would be dangerous if you leave it broken. But I assume you’ve already fixed it by now? Two years have passed anyway.

    -- Cody Charlebois