Monday, 7 October 2013

Cultural Identity through the Home

"Detroiters who trace their ancestry to Great Britain are most likely to favour what some builders jovially call 'Early American gestunk'. They want a white fence and the white clapboard house... Americans of Italian background insist, more than any other group, on having a dining room even if it means sacrificing a bedroom or chopping up the living room. They have a strong family spirit, and like to sit around the table after a good meal, chatting... As for the Polish-Americans, they like their homes to be 'very garish with loud, screaming colours,'... their houses to be of brick, and they want it to be hard 'face' brick. They also demand a large kitchen... They want their living room to look out on the street, Mr. Smith explained, and they want a big picture window in that living room, and in that window they want to be able to place an enormous lamp."
Vance Packard, The Status Seekers, Snob Appeal = Today's Home Sweet Home

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